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Optimize your Google Business Profile listing ASAP.

Optimize your Google Business Profile listing ASAP.

How & Why you need to fix your google business profile listing.

Just so you’re clear- your Google My Business listing is the map listing you find at the top of most searches. And it only shows the top 3 listings, (we call that a 3 Pack).

Being Google Certified means we are required to stay up to date on Google’s training, meetings and updates. Trust me when I tell you- your Google My Business listing is very important. 

Since you won’t get these updates from your large digital marketing company, let me reveal some juicy details from the most recent Google updates regarding your Google Business profile.

Recent Google Business Profile Updates & Changes In 2023

You Can Now Manage GBP Directly On Google
In the past you had to log in to your Google dashboard whenever you wanted to update or optimize your GBP (Google Maps) listing. This was a pain for most normal small business owners because they are too busy remembering where they left their car keys, much less remembering how to log in to the GBP dashboard.
Now all you have to do is be logged into your main Google account as you’re searching Google and you will have your GBP dashboard at the top of the search page. Great improvement Google!
Of course for Mader Marketing clients this has never been an issue since we manage their Google Business Profiles for them in our Google manager account.  I’m just sayin’.
New GBP Dashboard Features

It’s quite obvious Google understands the success of Google Business Profile listings for small business owners and they are very busy building it out.

Check out these new updates, that you can access directly inside your GBP listing:

  • View Google Insights & Analytics
  • Read The Latest Business Reviews & Ratings
  • Create Google Ads Directly
  • Create Google Posts & Offers
  • Make Edits & Changes To Your Business Listing
This is great work from Google to aid and assist small business owners. Make sure to take advantage of it!
Desktop Messaging For Enhanced Customer Interaction
Google rolled out updates to the messaging feature of your Google Business Profile listing. This provides you with more ways to connect directly with your customers.  This enhanced messaging tool offers a variety of features that streamline communication.
Googles Social Media Secret- The Power Of GBP Posts

Not that we ever brag here at Mader Marketing, of course, but… we have always known the SEO power located in the posting section of your Google Business Profile listing.

And Google is maximizing those benefits even more to compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Here are some types of posts that can be created within your listing:

  • Events
  • Offers
  • Products
  • Welcome Offers

Keep in mind, when creating these posts, make sure to optimize them by utilizing targeted content, great visuals and relevant information.

The Advantages Of Optimizing Your Google Business Profile Listing Properly

Google Business Profile listings offer several significant advantages for local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

First and foremost, they enhance online visibility by ensuring that a business’s key information, such as its name, address, phone number, and website, appear prominently on Google Search and Maps.

This not only helps potential customers easily find and contact the business but also establishes trust and credibility.

Additionally, Google Business Profiles provide a platform for showcasing high-quality images, customer reviews, and ratings, fostering a positive first impression and influencing consumer decisions.

These listings also enable businesses to engage with their audience through posts, updates, and responses to reviews, enhancing customer engagement and interaction.

Furthermore, accurate and up-to-date business information on Google assists search engines in delivering relevant local search results, boosting the likelihood of appearing in the coveted “Local Pack” or “Map Pack” at the top of search results.

Overall, Google Business Profile listings are a fundamental tool in local SEO strategies, helping businesses gain a competitive edge in their local markets by effectively reaching and engaging with their target audience.

True story:

Eleven days ago, we signed on an “ex-vivial” customer. Upon building their new website I discovered they had THREE Google My Business listings, with three different addresses and none of them were claimed!

Google will punish your business for that.

After quickly contacting Google and merging those into one optimized Google My Business listing, our new agency client began getting CALLS from that listing.

The question is how many did they miss by not understanding this fundamental part of local digital marketing? Better late than never.

Is your Google My Business listing firing on all cylinders? (If not, it’s not that hard to fix.)

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