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Are you the General Contractor of your own digital marketing campaign?

Are you the General Contractor of your own digital marketing campaign?

Ever feel like you’re the general contractor for all your digital marketing work?

Let me share a short story about something I experienced in my life and keep in mind the analogy of your current digital marketing experience. You may find eerie similarities.

At our last home, we decided as a family (translation: my wife and kids decided) to have an inground swimming pool built in our backyard.

If you have ever been through this process, I hope you hired one of the good swimming pool companies. We didn’t.

The salesman from the swimming pool company who came out to our home that evening was fantastic.  Said all the right things, painted all the right mental pictures, closed the deal.

All American Pools Inc.  was going to install our beautiful new 25 ft. swimming pool.

What the salesman failed to mention is that All American Pools Inc. SUB-CONTRACTED EVERYTHING connected with building the pool, while managing none of it.

They didn’t follow up or schedule any of the various contractors- that job fell to me!

From the excavation, to the permits, to the electrical work. From the concrete work, to the landscaping, to the actual pool liner and parts!

Literally, I could have built this pool myself. But here’s where the real horror story started. Every single one of the scheduled contractors was a huge problem. Most of them rescheduled or didn’t show up at all.

One of them, the concrete guy, was a felon, and he screwed up the job by doing the work in the rain. I had to go to small claims court and get a judgement on him to get my money back. (Which I never got, because he left town).

And All American Pools Inc. supervised nothing and handled none of the work. They accepted none of the responsibility for the shoddy sub-contractors they sent out. When I called our friendly salesman, he told me to read the fine print.

I was the GC, the General Contractor, for the very pool that I paid over 30 grand for. It required over 3 weeks of my time to get this pool installed properly.

You see the analogy here.
Are you the GC for your digital marketing company?

If you’re paying your large digital marketing company a healthy sum each month, while at the same time, you have to chase them around to get digital marketing results…do yourself a favor – contact me. 

You have better things to do. Like run your business.