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The Problem With Your Large Digital Marketing Company


They Don’t Communicate With You

Your marketing company must take responsibility for establishing great two-way communication with you. Communication is the fundamental pillar of success before anything else can occur.

In the crazy, ever-changing world of digital marketing, only two things remain predictable:

  1. Digital marketing technology changes rapidly, and,
  2. Your business changes rapidly.

It’s the core responsibility of the digital marketing company to have a system and a culture of great two way communication available for each of their clients.

Nothing can succeed without this foundation.


You End Up Doing All The Work

You should not be micro-managing your own digital marketing projects. Yet, I’m certain you spend way too much time on follow up emails and phone calls begging your service rep. to respond to your requests.

Your time is too valuable to waste on trying to understand digital marketing. You should not be trying to fix the digital marketing tools that your large digital marketing company sold to you.

You pay good money each month for your digital marketing campaign. Is it too much to expect some service in return?


The Website They Built You Is BORING

Despite what anyone tells you, your website is the hub of your entire digital marketing campaign.

SEO, paid search, customer reviews, social media, etc. all connect to your website and it must be built with a great deal of planning and intention.

Ironically, large digital marketing companies typically outsource website building overseas and consider throwing up your website online as a formality in the beginning.

If you doubt this then simply run a search on your business category in another city and add the name of your large digital marketing company, then repeat this with some other medium to large size cities.

For example, type “plumbing company Madison Wisconsin Vivial” , then type “plumbing company Cincinnati Ohio Vivial”, and so on.  You will begin to see the website templates are cookie cutters.

But your website cannot be a cookie cutter template and be optimized to succeed in SEO searches! How do you attract and win position when you look like everyone else?

If you took three local competitors, printed their home page and printed yours, then covered the names up- I’ll bet the messages are exactly the same.


You Get No Personal, One To One Meeting When You Need It Most

Large digital marketing companmies are in the volume business. Often they outsource and automate as much as possible and set a few meetings with you to basically push more new digital tools on you.

These companies do not understand what makes you and your business unique in your particular market because they do not take the time with each individual client.

They couldn’t, it’s impossible for them. Personal service takes time that they simply do not have.

Should You Fire Your Large Digital Marketing Company?


The Only Digital Marketing Agency Of Record For Small Businesses



Our unique digital marketing agency of record for small businesses creates a system of great two way communication with our clients. As mentioned earlier, two things are certain. First, your business changes rapidly and second, digital marketing technology changes rapidly.

We stay on top of both for our clients.


Our clients become our focus for the long term. We are not interested in partnering with clients who do not share our values.

In fact, we make it a goal to only partner with you if we are absolutely sure that we can provide mutual benefit. Commitment is part of our DNA.


We pride ourselves not only on our creativity for overcoming challenges, but on discovering the inner creativity and unique features of every client we have the honor of representing.

Our creativity in the digital space combined with the unique creativity of our clients results in great synergy.


The best marketing plan in the world means nothing if your business is invisible online.

MADER MARKETING has pioneered tactics that make certain this does not occur for our clients. We utilize the 80/20 principle to make sure you reach the best prospects quickly for maximum results.


Nothing happens in your business until a sale is made. We understand that.

Your current digital marketing company speaks of rankings, hits, clicks, likes on Facebook, etc. They email you fancy reports and links to demonstrate all of the great progress you have made online.

None of that matters for our clients unless somebody pulls out their wallet and buys something. This is how our agency will be measured by our clients, and by ourselves.

Having a deep understanding of our client’s unique gifts and business strengths are the only things that truly matter in regard to digital marketing success.

The last thing a small business owner needs is a large faceless digital marketing company that pushes extra services down his or her throat, while constantly rotating service people assigned to the account.


The Only Digital Marketing Agency Of Record For Small Business Owners

agency secretary

I got the idea for MADER MARKETING from talking to an Ad Agency Of Record for a large corporation.

These “AOR’s” are completely responsible for the creation, management and results of the marketing work for their large clients.

NIKE has one, Procter & Gamble has one and so does Apple. An Agency Of Record. Completely responsible for the marketing results. Think it’s silly for you to have one? Think again.

You need one more than they do. The idea struck me back in 2020, that small business owners need this type of personal attention. You won’t find this at Vivial or Thryv, or Reachlocal, etc.

But MADER MARKETING, the only digital marketing agency of record for small business owners is now here!



Watch A Google Ad Campaign Gone Horribly Wrong.

We actually excel at Google Ad campaigns for our clients, but our video here demonstrates what can go wrong if your Google Ad manager is asleep at the wheel.

Agency Clients Rescued From Large Digital Marketing Companies
Individual SEO and Website Related Projects Completed Since Our Grand Opening In 2020

A Few Testimonials From Our Partners/Clients/Friends

"Working with Scott Mader and his team has been life changing. Over time, our backs were up against the wall with Vivial, as change requests were ignored among many other things. Scott & his team took their time to understand our design needs and wants. Quickly they came up with a plan outlining the timeline and deliverables. In my opinion, Scott & his team exceeded expectations by delivering a world-class site before the deadline. You are in good hands with Scott Mader. "

Duvall Moore, Urban Euphoria | ex-Vivial customerRochester, New York

"I have been a customer of Mader Marketing for over two years and have been very satisfied. Scott created my website and is always coming up with innovative ways to market my business and improve my standing online with his SEO strategies. He's also very customer service oriented."

Andy Liberatos, Maxwell Solutions HR | ex-Vivial customerBoston and New York, Pittsford New York

"Scott is great for small businesses and does an exceptional job of leading marketing efforts while business owners can focus on their core compentencies. He utilizes a variety of digital marketing tools and analytics to help us focus on the keys to growing our brand/business in the local marketplace. Highly recommend!"

Steve McCoskey, Allseason Insulation | ex-Vivial customerCincinnati, Ohio

By far the best team we've ever worked with. They truly understood our business from the beginning and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend them as a company, you won't find any better!

Joe Cremeans, Smooth Moves Piano Moving | ex-Vivial customerMt. Healthy, Ohio

Our dental practice was really looking for someone to partner with and I was tired of the games we had to play with the old company. Scott has really over-delivered ad we are glad to have Mader Marketing as a partner!

Carolyn Larson, Larson Family Dental | ex-Vivial customerAnderson Twp., Ohio

Scott, thanks again for everything. When my site was down, and I knew I was leaving, you handled everything and now we have a great site and are getting new business and leads!

Mark Mason, Mason TV & Appliances | ex-Vivial customerWest Chester, Ohio

Scott has been very efficient in making sure everything on my website runs smoothly. Whenever there is an issue he is "johnny on the spot." I appreciate working with Scott very much.

Barb Steil, In Focus Investigations | ex-Vivial customerLincoln, Nebraska

Scott stands behind his work. He works one on one with you and it’s obvious he cares about his customers. Very pleased with his service.

Mitchel Delullo, Priority Crane Rentals | ex-Vivial customerPittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Long history with Scott as we studied the nuances of direct marketing and SEO and Wordpress - before it was cool to do so. Lot’s of Starbuck coffees and ideas flowed!.

Ted Stevenot, McCarthy Stevenot Agency| Published Author | Former Candidate For Governor Of Ohio | Online Marketing ExpertMilford, Ohio

I have had the opportunity to work with Scott in several capacities over the years. Scott is very professional and knowledgeable in marketing. I highly recommend his services, he will be an asset to any company.

Sonny Boyce, 1800TomPlumber | Drain Division PresidentCincinnati, Ohio

Scott is an expert marketer. His program is very effective, reasonably priced, and amazing. I have been very pleased with the results received from Scott's marketing ideas and recommendations. He is a true professional.

Karen Arnold, MARCOS Franchisee | MBA, OwnerCincinnati, Ohio

Scott is an expert marketer. His program is very effective, reasonably priced, and amazing. I have been very pleased with the results received from Scott's marketing ideas and recommendations. He is a true professional.

Karen Arnold, MARCOS Franchisee | MBA, OwnerCincinnati, Ohio

I have known Scott and trust his digital marketing ability over anyone. Period.

Brad Toft, The Restaurant Guy Podcast | OwnerCincinnati, Ohio

My partner and I were getting fed up with digital marketing companies who over charged us and with website developers who don’t know how to sell anything! We were amazed at Scott Mader’s local marketing agency approach!

Scott Franer, AGP Locks | CEOMiddletown, Ohio