You Run Your Business
You Run Your Business
We run your digital marketing

Do You Really Think

Your Digital MarketingWill Improve Soon?

You can continue to allow money to be vacuumed out of your bank account each month,  expecting something magical to happen,

OR you can scroll down a few inches and click that GREEN button that says “Free Analysis & Quote”. 

IT’S YOUR CHOICE.   (It always is)…

For whatever reason, you were compelled to sign up with your current LARGE DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANY.

How is that working out?


We get results quickly. Results are all that matter.

You can’t deposit “clicks” and “likes” at your bank. You need real sales from new customers. Everything else is B.S.

Results require a REAL marketing strategy, built by a REAL marketing agency working closely with you and separating you from your local competitors.

Our small agency of record enables that type of interaction- PUTTING YOU FIRST.

Do yourself, your family and your employees a favor- click that GREEN button that says “Free Analysis & Quote”. 

What do you have to lose?



"#1 Alternative to Vivial Digital Marketing"


Prior to launching this agency, I was one of the top local store marketing consultants in the United States for franchisee owned businesses.

The corporate franhise headquarter companies I worked for all had an Advertising Agency Of Record on 24 hour retainer, but the individual franchisee had to piece meal their marketing strategy together by hiring different “digital marketing companies”, who sold them expensive packages and did nothing for support or follow up!

My new company, MADER MARKETING, changes that. We are truly you Digital Marketing Agency Of Record, representing you and your interest. GUARANTEED. 

Your job is to focus on your vision, your company and your dreams. As your marketing agency of record, our job is create and conduct the marketing necessary for your vision.

You Are Not Alone


One To One, Digital Marketing

 Here’s how we see it. If you are our client, your job is to run your business. Our job is to ask you the right questions and run your local marketing division.


Text or Call : 513.445.8670

don't hold off another day


Unique Process

Our System

The foundations of my local digital marketing agency started back in 2011. 

The formula is simple. As a marketing agency partner, we approach everything on your behalf. 

We spend time getting to know you and your business so that we can use our creativity and proven skill to market you properly.

Starting with your website we utilize only the digital marketing tools necessary to accomplish your mission.

Your New Website

We get the domain code from your current company and start building your new website on day one. Our SEO optimized website designs have two primary functions. First, we show your unique benefits, and second we make sure it captures new visitors.

Local Digital Marketing Experts

We are on the cutting edge of local digital marketing, because we have to be. But more importantly, so you don't have to be.

True Marketing Partners

Is there anything more frustrating than having a marketing company not understand your business, simply because they don't take the time to communicate with you? That changes the moment you sign on with us.

Together, we can move your marketing and your business forward.

We don’t accept everyone as clients. To date, we have turned down 14 potential clients because the fit wasn’t right. 

Since we work so closely and invest so much time- we have to be sure the connection is good!

If you are reading this, the odds are good that we can work together- since we only market to certain target lists that match our criteria.

Your business exists to serve you. Not the other way around.

Local Marketing That Works Means:

Your costs are immediately cut because we eliminate wasted programs and items that were sold to you to earn a commission.

Local Marketing That Works Means:

You are no longer alone when figuring out how to find more customers, who pay more money, more often.

Local Marketing That Works Means:

You will save hundreds of hours by simply calling us and having your questions, needs or concerns handled promptly.

Local Marketing That Works Means:

You can finally tell those annoying "Google Sales Call People" that you have a local marketing agency of record and please call them.

Local Marketing That Works Means:

You can sleep well at night knowing that your increasing amount of leads, new proposals, new projects and contracts are coming in because you made the right choice.

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