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How We Built A Marketing System For A Piano Moving Company

Ex-Vivial Customer- Smooth Moves Piano Moving- Cincinnati, Ohio

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CASE STUDY 1201- Ex-Vivial rescue

Smooth Moves Piano Moving- Cincinnati, OH.

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After our initial discovery meetings we quickly found out that our new friends at Smooth Moves Piano Moving had been switched over form their old yellow page listing to a digital marketing package. That package amounted to:

  • No SEO presence– thanks to a website that had no meta titles or tags, or a site map
  • No Unique Selling Proposition work to determine best position to market the company against local compeition
  • A Google Ads Pay Per Click Campaign that was basically donating money to Google each month
  • In Our Opinion, A Poor Website Image which translates into a poor first impression
  • Among many other things…
But the onwers from the Cremean family made it clear they had no real idea as to where their substantial monthly budget was headed.




As soon as our new friends approved us as their marketing representatives, we immediately initiated a 3-pronged approach, simultaneously. 

First we walked the owners step by step on how to start the process of ending the prior Vivial agreement and obtaining all necessary digital assets. This included us being on a three way call as their new representatives. This is a VERY important transition period for many reasons including:

  • Making sure the domain is transferred properly
  • Ensuring any past due charges are ended 
  • Requesting all usernames and passwords for Google My Business, Youtube, Etc.
  • Requesting any video or image files
As you can see, having a skilled digital marketing agency partner is important! 


At the same time, our team was busy copying all current website pages, titles, images and structures, just in case there was a hold up or issue, we could quickly grab a domain and get our new client up and online. Also, when we get the domain transferred we will have the exact page titles and links and images to make sure our new client does not loose any SEO crawling from Google . VERY IMPORTANT- only a small percentage of digital agency understand and practice this upon building a new site on the same domain.

And finally, we are doing a detailed market examination of the local compeititon and what the weak points of the competition are. This sets us up quickly and perfectly for the next big client meeting- Establishing The Unique Selling Proposition of our new client.

Our new client, Joe even commented that the time and effort he saw in the first two hours of dealing with us was more effort than he had seen in the last two years of dealing with the old company.


Our initial discovery meeting also revealed the problem that we hear on a consistent basis. Poor communication, or many times no communication.

And by communication, let me be clear. I’m speaking of productive communication. When the digital marketing company calls to to inform you a bill is 10 days past due, or it emails you to inform you of a new bright, shiny object that will cost you an additional 125.00 per month, yes that’s communication.

The type of communication I refer to is the type that we initiate on a REGULAR, SYSYEMATIC basis to keep your customized, personal marketing MOVING.  If the digital marketing plan we create with you does not cause you to get more customers, who pay you more money and do so more often– then we are not succeeding and we must adjust quickly.

If and when you get to know us- you will hear that phrase repeated often. I have a sign in our office with the phrase: More Customers. More More Money. More Often. And it can only happen with great communication. 

We are very good at managing Google Ads / pay per click campaigns… for those of our clients who must be in that game. Which is about 10-15% of our clients. Are you a personal injury attorney? Water damage restoration company? Emergency medical provider? Yes- you probably need to be in the Google Ads game.

But for the majority of our smaller, service based businesses, we find that a marketing sales rep. sold them an expensive package based on emotion, and then Google simply vacuums money out of their wallet each month. PLUS they pay the digital marketing company a fee of 20 to 30% for the privilege!

That was the case here. I put a stop that immediately. We re-allocated those funds into a local SEO campaign and began to optimize their SEO versus their competitors. Along with 10 to 12 other improvements including our famous POPTIN pop up forms, they are now at the lead of local search for their keywords!  We accomplished this within 2 1/2 to 3 months.

Developing a Unique Selling Proposition is singularly the most important thing you can think about or work on. Often called a USP for short, simply stated your unique selling proposition is your unique answer to these 4 questions:

  • What does your service do that nobody else’s service can do?
  • Why should I clearly buy from you instead of someone else?
  • What guarantee do you offer that no one else does?
  • How do you bring your unique personality and personal mission into your business?
This is a function that big advertising and marketing agencies of records spend fortunes on developing for their clients. But we learned long ago that developing a strong USP for a small business is just as important and in fact MORE important. Because if a small business isn’t creative enough to get this right- they don’t make it to year two or three. They are left fighting for crumbs with all the other copy-cat businesses in their category.
In the case of Smooth Moves Piano movers, their story is great. The owners are terrific, honest, FUNNY people – always in a great mood. It’s no surprise they get so many referrals. Our job then is to use the digital marketing tools in the toolbox to MAGNIFY that and make sure that new prospects surfing around online “stumble” onto this unique business. We blended that folksy humor and message into the new website and we are working hard on the SEO to drive people to them.
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