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With more than 18 years of specialized, local marketing work in the field, I am absolutely giddy that I stumbled into this niche. Mader Marketing, in it’s current form began on February 1st, 2020- but was actually over 18 years in the making.

Traversing the country over the years and becoming one of the top local store marketing consultants certainly had it’s upside- but often at the expense of my family and home. Sure, I could jet home for important events as needed, but when I was under project by corporations to take care of their struggling franchisees – I had to be on-site for 3 to 4 days, minimum.

So- I reached one of those come to Jesus moments when I was forced to decide between flying out of Glendale, Arizona in the middle of helping a struggling restaurant owner or attending a graduation for my son.

That was that. So I headed back home, notified all my corporate partners I was “pivoting” away from traveling and that’s how Mader Marketing – (the only local grassroots marketing agency in the world) got started.

When I was in the field assisting local franchisees with their business, I would hear that “large, digital marketing companies” didn’t give them what they REALLY needed. Being a large company- all these firms really did was build a cookie cutter website, promise SEO and send some automated emails telling the customer how many visits and “likes” they were getting. These clients didn’t have what they needed- a partner. They needed, and you need, a skilled local agency, down in the trenches who took time to understand what makes them tick and what makes their business different.

Once we figure out your unique position, I market the hell out of it for you.

That’s the short version of my story. And I’ll be glad to tell you more if you’re interested when we meet over virtual beers or coffee. (Zoom beer meetings…hmm.)

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Background Of Clientele

Most Recent Vivial “Rescues”

Clientele History


Sibcy Cline Realtors- Email Marketing for 100 agents, SEO work

ML Barnard Construction- Consulting, email drip marketing

Comfort Keepers Home Health Care- local marketing plan

Buffalo Wings And Rings Corporate- Local marketing assistance U.S, franchisees, designed online LSM portal

Marcos Pizza Corporate- Local marketing assistance for Ohio and Kentucky locations

Planet Fitness MW Corporate- Local consulting and email newsletter techniques

Churches Chicken- Local marketing assistance for Texas locations and Master Franchise Owner

Skyline Chili Corporate- Designed local store marketing website portal still in use today for locations

Allstate Insurance Offices Southwest Ohio- Designed unique drip email marketing system for agents

Lyons Financial Advisors- Batavia, Ohio office. Marketing consulting

PLUS Literally hundreds of digital marketing projects for fantastic local small business owners

Such as Nick Davis of Clearview Window Cleaning in Cincinnati, Meineke TV Repair in Newtown, Ohio, and many other great people I have learned so much from!

Bottom line-

We offer personal, local marketing that actually produces results.

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