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Navigating Google and Yahoo’s New Email Standards: A Quick Guide

Navigating Google and Yahoo’s New Email Standards: A Quick Guide


Recently, inbox spam has surged due to lax email authentication, prompting Google and Yahoo to implement stringent measures to combat malicious messages. While these standards aim to enhance security, non-compliance can harm your email outreach campaigns.

TL;DR Summary:

Effective February 2024, Google and Yahoo will enforce new email standards. Senders, especially those exceeding 5,000 daily emails, must adopt authentication protocols (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) and user-friendly practices. Non-compliance leads to rejections and damage to sender reputation.

Rules and Effective Dates:

Applies to all senders and bulk senders (5,000+ emails). Enforcement phases for bulk senders start in February 2024, with penalties increasing gradually. Non-bulk sender dates are pending.

New Requirements:

Four main categories: Authentication, Spam Complaints, Unsubscribe, and Message Formatting. Detailed steps provided, emphasizing authentication and security protocols.

Impact on Link Builders and PR Professionals:

Directs digital PRs and link builders to authenticate, avoid spam issues, and adhere to best practices to maintain email deliverability.

Mader Marketing Opinion:

As many of you know, I have an extensive background in email marketing, dating back to 2009. I’m a complete email marketing GEEK. The fact is that Google & Yahoo are absolutely correct in taking these measures. 

For many people, their email inbox is one of the last places they can retreat and be safe. Too many scammers, imposters and charlatans have weasled into their world. 

This will help end that, or at least cut it way back. If you need details on what I mean- schedule a free 15 minute call with me here.


Explains key terms such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC, TLS, ARC headers, DNS, and Sender Reputation.


Addresses common queries regarding DNS record checks, bulk sender requirements, and consequences of non-compliance.


Emphasizes the importance of adhering to these standards, noting potential impacts on email delivery and sender reputation. Encourages adopting best practices now to prepare for potential future changes.

Again- if you are considering any type of email outreach, or if you have a “domain based” email address…… schedule a free call with me and I can help you get set up correctly.

It’s “that” important.