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Go Get More Google Reviews

Go Get More Google Reviews

Don’t wait for happy customers to leave you a review. they won’t.

Don’t be offended. People are way too pre-occupied with other important stuff in their lives these days, than to carve out 23 seconds to leave you a 5 Star Google Review. 

Think about the last time you had really great service at a restaurant, or had a plumber come over and do a great job. Did you take time to rush to their Google Business Profile listing and leave your glowing review?

I didn’t think so.

Even if you wanted to- where would you start? It’s a little tricky to get to their listing.

So how do YOU obtain your direct Google Review Link AND how do you get it to your new happy customer?


What if your business had a systematic, easy approach for helping your happy customer ring up your 5 Star Review on Google? You would need to make it as easy as possible to get them to the right spot.

You are going to be proactive and reach out to your new customer with a simple request for a review and you are going to give them your direct Google Review link on a silver platter.

IMPORTANT: It is important that you get your direct Google Review link that is generated by your Google Business Profile listing. It takes them to the exact location where they easily click the 5 stars and write a a little review. If you do not know where to get your link, simply Google the instructions or reach out to us at MADER MARKETING.


CUSTOMER TYPE NUMBER ONE-  First let’s grab the low hanging fruit. Reach out to your really good customers from the past. These are the people who you can call anytime for any reason, and they like hearing from you. 

Once you have your direct Google Review link you’re going to send them an email like this…

Barry, I hope you’re doing well. The reason I’m reaching out is to send you a quick link to our personal Google Business Listing. I’m sure you can understand that many of our new customers ask to see Google Reviews. If you have a few seconds, we would appreciate a review from you! Here’s the link- Joe’s Pool Hall   We look forward to seeing you again!  Thanks, Joe.


CUSTOMER TYPE NUMBER TWO-  These are the new customers who you just served. You can send them a thank you email and mix in the review request…

Set up a routine to send a thank you email after every new job like this….

“Rocky, I hope you’re doing well. THANK YOU for allowing us to provide you and the Iron HorseCrew gang with a wonderful evening of billiards. Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

If at all possible we would appreciate your honest review on our Google Reviews listing. If you have a few seconds, here’s the link for us…- Joe’s Pool Hall.   We look forward to seeing your crew next time you’re in town!  Thanks, Joe.”

WARNING: Make sure they were happy with the service before taking this step.  :]

keep it going

How important is all of this? Should you spend a few hours setting up this activity of asking for reviews?

That’s up to you. But I can tell you from the battle lines here on the front- people read these reviews and put credibility behind them.

Think about yourself. Have you ever found yourself checking out the Google Reviews of a new business prior to spending your hard earned money?

Easy? No.  But we can help you, if needed.  Time well spent, trust me.