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Yes, I was a vivial customer.

Yes, I was a vivial customer.

Yes, It’s true. I was a Vivial customer.  

So I remember the pain of burning through cash each month with yellow page ads and online digital marketing that didn’t work. Maybe that sounds familiar?   I was just out of college and at the time I owned a cleaning franchise. Vivial sold yellow page advertising and digital marketing to us at that time. 

Circa 2005-2006. 

Some depressing memories, to be sure. When and if we get a chance to speak, I’ll share the story with you.

My story of wasting money with a large digital marketing company is what led to my passion to help small business owners ACHIEVE their life passions THROUGH digital marketing.

At MADER MARKETING, I now get the chance to pull back the curtain and mystery of digital marketing and show you exactly how powerful real, local digital marketing techniques can help you immediately.