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Create a bond with new customers

Create a bond with new customers

people need to know you, like you and trust you before they want to buy stuff from you

As you may know, we like to pass along time tested sales advice here at Mader Marketing. Because ultimately we have to help our clients sell stuff.

Whenever you engage a new prospect, whether on the phone, on a email reply, or in person, do your best to create a human bond or connection.

It’s not that hard to figure out a few interests your prospect has and you can start a casual conversation there.

Example:  “Jim,  I see your golf trophy there, where do you normally play? Really? I was there a couple of months ago, and…..”

Resist the urge to go into “advertising mode” first. Let’em know you are human and share their world. Talk with them, not at them.

Let me illustrate the power of connection with a true story involving a “panhandler” and my brother…

A few years ago my brother was on a business trip in Manhattan. As he got off his cab and walked down a sidewalk he was approached by a panhandler. Normally, my brother would simply ignore the panhandler and keep moving.

This encounter was different.

The panhandler calmly approached and asked my brother if he could have a five dollar bill in exchange for five single dollar bills. The panhandler handed my brother five single dollar bills.

Somehow intrigued by this and wanting the panhandler to move on, my brother handed him a five dollar bill and placed the five singles in his pocket.

The panhandler then turned to my brother, smiled and asked, “Sir, could you spare a dollar?” My brother smiled and gave him all five singles.

Our panhandler understood the concept of forming a quick bond PRIOR to selling.

Connect first, then sell.