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Even though Mader Marketing officially launched on Feb 2nd, 2020, the idea was born long before that. Mader Marketing, the only digital marketing agency of record for small business owners was my creation and was created on Oct. 31st, 2000. Halloween…

After college graduation with a degree in marketing, I found myself in the 1990’s, chronically un-employable. While bouncing from one job to another I butted heads with everyone. I detested being hired for a “marketing position” and then being thrust into outside sales and cold calling.

So, in 1998 I struck out on my own and purchased a franchise. It was a low cost carpet cleaning franchise that offered literally zero marketing assistance but at least they had a proven product and brand.

Starting out- ALL of my business relied on expensive yellow page advertising.

The drill was always the same, with two months prior to the next year phone directory coming out my salesperson would call and set an appointment to meet. (It was always a new salesperson, they had a lot of turnover).

The salesperson would show up with a pre-planned dog and pony show designed to emotionally push me into buying a bigger display ad so I could be ahead of my competitors.  The starting pitch went something like this…

“Hey Scott, my name is Phil your new marketing rep. from Vivial and the Berry Company, sorry you were not happy with last year’s results. But most of my other clients are rolling in money from their ads last year. I have some ideas why you missed the mark. Between you and me, Stan, your guy last year, didn’t know much about advertising- but you have me now!”

“Your main problem is your ad was only a quarter page ad and you were paying $895 month, you need at least a half page ad size and I can get that for you for only $1495 per month- a 30% discount. Because we feel bad about your prior results.”

“Now here is the paperwork, just sign in these two places and get ready for a bunch of phone calls, any questions Scott?”

This was the same pitch I heard from Stan last year. My blood was boiling, because I knew this was absolute B.S.  At that point I had an “out of body experience”. Someone in my body reacted and answered Phil in a stern, direct tone.

“Yes Phil, I have a question- how fast can you call your office and cancel all my Vivial and Berry Company advertising packages and how fast can you get out of my office so I can get to work on finding new customers?”

Phil looked like he saw Michael Myers in his bedroom. And that was my Moment Of Clarity.  That was the moment Mader Marketing was born in my subconscious. Even though I wouldn’t open the doors until Feb 3, 2020.

The vessel I would use to develop my digital marketing agency for small business owners started on October 23, 2000. Google introduced Google Adwords.

I knew this was the future and the beginning of the end for the yellow pages. I enrolled in everything related to learning Google Adwords and by 2003 I sold my cleaning franchise for a nice sum and began consulting with small business owners in my area.

I was teaching classes at the local Chamber of Commerce at the request of the Small Business Administration, showing plumbers, bakers and candlestick makers how to intelligently market their small business in their local market while avoiding the large marketing company scams I was stung by earlier.

In 2004, I was approached by the Chief Financial Officer of a local restaurant franchise company called Buffalo Wings And Rings. At the time they had 45 or so franchisees located throughout the United States.

He hired me to travel the US and visit his six worst performing locations to turn them around.

This started a career that developed into my becoming one of the top local store marketing consultants in the United States for franchisees.

So My contracts were with large franchise headquarters such as Marcos Pizza, Buffalo Wings & Rings, Planet Fitness, etc.

My job was to travel to individual franchise owners, spend a couple of days in their business (“in the trenches”) and install my digital marketing system.

In 2017, after a LOT of travel, I was sitting in front of a restaurant owner in Scottsdale, Arizona and we were reviewing her marketing expenses from a year ago. One big marketing expense jumped off the page.

$925 per month for the last two years to Vivial digital marketing. When I asked how much business she was getting for this expense, the answer was – “I’m not sure, but not very much.”

When I asked her why she would continue this, she said, “because my digital rep said I need to keep my name out there…”

Moment Of Clarity 2.0- 

This is EXACTLY my passion. The one that I experienced back in 2001 when I told the Vivial rep to get out of my office. My new agency of record would enable small business owners to have digital marketing that actually is designed to help them get new leads and customers.

And today, each day we are fortunate to live out that passion. I’m lucky.

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